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Hi there, my name is Evan, founder of Enneagram Gift . I want to take a moment and thank you personally for being a part of the Enneagram Gift Community. We’ve already heard from other entrepreneurs and leaders that have experienced a tremendous difference within their team building, time management and stress reduction in the workplace.

Which is exactly why we give away this type of content every month in the Enneagram Gift Newsletter. We consider leadership development and personal growth vitally important and if you do too, then this letter is for you.

The Enneagram Gift Newsletter is the web's premier leadership and personal development magazine. It’s written by leadership and personal growth enthusiasts, for entrepreneurs and leaders! 

We don’t sell ad space, and we’re not sponsored. This means we only share the absolute best advice and product recommendations that we use ourselves. Every tip and article is tested and proven, so you know that you’re reading the best, up-to-date information. 
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✔️ Earn the respect and trust of those around you
✔️ Increase productivity 

✔️ Blindspots keep you stuck in the same habits and patterns
✔️ Learn to regulate your relational input/output to maintain energy
✔️ Discover how to enjoy work by using your strengths and supporting your weaknesses

✔️ Improve your communication by learning how to be more direct
✔️ Learn how to become resilient to life's challenges
✔️ Gain motivation to pursue new opportunities
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Here Are Just A Few More Reasons Enneagram Gift Newsletter Is The Best Newsletter For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Personal Growth Enthusiasts!
No Ads. Great Content Only: Because our magazine isn’t sponsored, you’ll never see an ad for a product. This means everything we recommend, every article you read, and every tip you act on is 100% reliable and trustworthy. We’re not swayed by any media influence, so you know you always get the best advice.

100% Tested And Proven: Entrepreneurial leaders need to increase productivity, maximize their strengths, and strengthen resilience. This means we only want the best, insightful, and trustworthy advice. And that's why everything we recommend is tested! Don’t get your advice from an unqualified blog or YouTube video that could have been created by anyone. The Enneagram Gift Newsletter is your trusted resource for entrepreneurial leadership and personal growth training.

Free Bonus Every Month: Everybody loves getting extra gifts and bonuses! So to make your subscription to Enneagram Gift an absolute no-brainer, we also give away a free bonus every month to all our subscribers. These gifts range in value from $10 to $30; all you have to do is open your email to receive it!

Actionable Tips In Every Issue: Unlike most magazines that simply entertain and educate. Enneagram Gift will actually improve your life and leadership by giving you very clear action steps with every article. From earning the respect and trust of those around you to managing your blind spots that keep you stuck in the same habits and patterns, you’ll never guess again if you’re doing the right thing. 

Stories & Anecdotes: Every month, we filter through dozens of the best reader-submitted anecdotes and stories to feature them along with great pics in our Stories section. Make sure to submit your leadership lessons or pics; you might end up as the month's featured story! 

All Digital & Easy To Read: We’re big fans of the environment here at Enneagram Gift, so we’ve decided to go paperless. Each month your issue will be delivered to you via e-mail. You’ll be able to download the PDF and read your magazine on any device, whether at home or on the go. And of course, all our pages are printer-friendly. So if you want a hard copy, that’s ok too! 

Reader Q&A: Have a question, but you’re unsure where to go? Don’t rely on out-of-date, inaccurate, dangerous articles online! Let us know! We’ll pass it on to our resident experts, and your question may get featured in our next issue! 

Prizes, Games & Contests: Get entered into our monthly draw for big gifts like leadership courses, books, and fun gift cards to places like Starbucks or Top Golf to help you relax!

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Experience success faster by optimizing trust within your team and relationships. Plus, use the guide to help you identify and strategically optimize key areas that most need your attention. Don't let blind spots prevent you from experiencing growth gain keen insight into critical areas that will help you succeed.

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Evan - Our Community Host & Curator
Our goal is to help you gain confidence, create clarity, and take courageous action. My Thriving Community is run by entrepreneurs and personal development enthusiasts like yourself. 

We share unique and original content, resources, and strategies to help you experience growth in all facets of your life.  When you join, you’re not only getting great products, advice, resources, and a community; you’re also supporting other entrepreneurial businesses! It's a win-win!

Do you want to experience personal and business growth without confusion and burnout? Then join our community.

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P.P.S. I guarantee you won’t find a more credible, insightful, and flat-out useful leadership and personal growth newsletter online! We’ve tried! Avoid the guesswork, and get the correct information from an expert. Save 50% off the cover price today and sign up for only $7.95 / month.
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